Sunday, May 18, 2008

Renkon Lunch

My lotus root (renkon) pickles were a hit - they really brightened up our lunches this week. They have a great texture - kind of a cross between raw potato and water chestnut. And apparently they're high in fibre, so - bonus! My Saturday lunches are always kind of a use-up-what's-left-in-the-fridge amalgam, and this one's no exception. Since I'm earning a reputation as a cook amongst my students, I'm beginning to little gifts for cooking - one of my ladies brought in a 2 kg cabbage that I pickled, and also shredded for a quick Friday night meal of okonomiyaki. I also have a bottle sanbaizu for making vinegar pickles, and a few photocopied pages of an old Japanese cookbook with tsukemono and sunomono recipes. Very exciting. I topped some leftover rice with some frozen corn I keep in the freezer for the end of the week, and some chicken-ginger soboro. I mixed the renkon pickles with some standard pink curry pickles (anyone know what those are called?) for a colour contrast, and the clickety container has some indispensable tonkatsu sauce. I couldn't pack it up without anything green, though, so I added a few edamame as well. Everything went surprisingly well together.

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