Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Getting it Together

Biggie, over at Lunch in a Box, is having a blog event on bento organization. I'd thought I'd weigh in on how I keep my erm, bits, together.

I hit the Daiso recently, since things were getting out of hand on the shelf over my sink, where I keep everything and do lunch prep. I bought a couple of divided bins for 100 yen each, nothing revolutionary, and sorted my accessories by function - a tall bin for chopsticks, forks, and spoons; a long wide bin for the bento that's not currently in rotation (since my boxes are either in bags on their way to work, or in the sink waiting to be washed); and a small long bin divided for small containers, silicone cups, and dipping cups. The long bins suit my small Japanese apartment shelves perfectly (not pictured; they're backlit), but I'd like to eventually upgrade to stacking bins to take more advantage of the unused vertical space. I have my eye on some stacking shelves at Muji, but I'll have to wait a few paydays for that.

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Canadian Bento said...

I would consider participating in this blog event...if my bento stuff were organized! I have it all thrown into one little tupperware that lives on the counter. Totally buying Biggie's book though.