Saturday, March 1, 2008

Izakaya Night

After a crap day on Thursday that culminated with me wandering the streets of Hiratsuka, randomly asking strangers if they knew the address for the school I was supposed to be teaching at - thank god for all those Japanese lessons! I did eventually find where I was supposed to be, (Snaps to the handsome young officers at the Hiratsuka Koban; no snaps to me for forgetting my map. And phone.) but the psychic toll meant the bottle of sake I was saving for izakaya night was finished ahead of time. Oops. Right, so I made salt yakitori, and sauce yakitori on my fish grill. I wished I had proper long skewers, but I'm trying to use up what I already have in the house, so toothpicks it was. A green salad with that great sesame dressing from kewpie - what is that stuff called, anyway? Until I get that great suribachi from Muji, it'll have to do for goma-e. Carrot kinpira, and rice to fill up....It would have been a lot better with the sake, frankly.

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