Friday, February 29, 2008

How did I get here?

My friend Michelle recently wrote, in response to my complaints of poverty, that "Being broke in Tokyo is like being sober in Amsterdam". As I'm currently experiencing the former, and have not yet had the pleasure (pain?) of the latter, I'll have to take her word on it. I need a creative outlet, and since I'm now housebound due to fiscal difficulties, this seemed the easiest thing. Fortunately, I love cooking, and since we've all got to eat, sometimes as often as three times a day, I've been able to put all my creative brainpower into trying to feed myself and my husband as cheaply and as healthy as possible. But my husband's gotten sick of saying, "Yeah, this is great, honey!" every time I put down a bowl of rice, so I'm turning to the internet for validation.

I want to focus on home cooking, especially using ingredients from around Japan, but occasionally I'll chat about my life, travels, etc. I hope you enjoy!

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